Beaches East York – Jennifer Moxon

Hi, I’m Jennifer Moxon, also known as Moxie. For the past two decades I’ve worked on the front lines in social services in Toronto. Here, I have personally witnessed and experienced the violent impact of the politics of profits over people on individuals, society and our environment. 

The current pandemic has highlighted the many inequalities catastrophically impacting our lives. People in Beaches-East York are experiencing staggering job losses, home evictions and are watching our elders suffer in neglectful profit-based long-term homecare while our government chooses to bail out billionaires and engage in greed-based pursuits globally at the expense of us – the struggling majority.

Our capitalist government prefers investing in trans-national corporations and militarism over protecting our planet and people. We must stop allowing oil and mining companies to control our foreign policy and we need to criminalize corporate polluters instead of attacking indigenous land and water defenders. We must address our social and climate crises immediately. 

Our platform prioritizes people over profit. As Communists, we know that social and climate crises are interconnected. It is possible to reverse these disastrous conditions but we must act now. 

We must defund the military and tax the rich, instead using this money to create sustainable jobs and build social and green infrastructure such as public housing and transportation. We must ensure that indigenous peoples truly control their lands and ensure a future relationship of peace and solidarity with all nations here on Turtle Island and globally. This is what’s called a People’s Recovery. 

For me, Democracy means fighting for working people every day of the year – not only at election time. I am deeply committed to continually fighting for true change by working collectively with the people of Beaches-East York to make this happen.