Victoria – Janis Zroback

Janis Zroback is a music lover, book reader, and hospital worker who is active in her union (HEU). She has lived in Victoria on the unceded Lekwungen territories for over six years, having grown up on treaty 3 territory in the town of Kenora, Ontario. As a socially-conscious person, Janis has developed a keen sense of the struggles of the workers, students, and oppressed peoples. She has been working on the front line during this COVID-19 crisis. She feels the frustration and the exhaustion of her fellow front-liners, and sees the urgent need for revolutionary change to the whole capitalist system. Janis prefers action over talk, taking the time to show up and support people’s struggles whenever possible and engaging with people directly – even those who loudly oppose her. As a dedicated Communist, Janis believes in the collective liberation of all people.

A quick-pitch for Janis’ strategy for a Socialist future? “Divest, Demilitarize, Decolonize” – take the funding and resources out of our bloated military and police budgets and redirect them into social programs we desperately need. Divert from the destructive US-led war path, get Canada out of NATO, and develop an independent foreign policy based on peaceful relations with other nations. Convert large industries into public utilities. Build a green economy for the people – and make the capitalist class pay for it! Enact deep democratic reforms including proportional representation, and build a truly representative democracy. Abolish the senate, oust the monarchy, and build a “New Canada” that recognizes the issues of the many national groups within the country. Write a new constitution that enshrines Indigenous land rights into law.